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SENTour Connect Project: 
Facilitating Low Season Tourism Exchanges in Europe Encouraging Senior Citizens to Travel

About the project

The SENTour Connect Project, created under the Call for proposal for facilitating low season travel for seniors, is built to develop sustainable solutions for the tourism industry in multiple destinations suitable for the full scope of potential senior travelers, regardless of their travel experience.


- Study and develop mechanisms supporting transnational stakeholder cooperation
- Improve tourism seasonality patterns across Europe
- Create innovative and sustainable transnational tourism packages for seniors
- Strengthen public-private partnerships

=> Facilitate transnational tourism exchanges for seniors in the low season within Europe domestic market

ISTO is the project coordinator. Further, the other partners of different countries already reveal a market potential for senior travel exchanges between themselves, namely: 

- Instituto de Turismo de la Región de Murcia (Spain) 
- Urbanisticni Institut Republike Slovenije (Slovenia) 
- Fundaçao INATEL (Portugal) 
- HAPPY AGE (Italy)
- l’Agence Nationale pour les Chèques-Vacances (France) 
- ThinkCamp (Germany)
- Joie et Vacances asbl. (Belgium). 

Partners of the SENTour Project
  • International Social Tourism Organisation (OITS)
  • UNAT
  • Floreal Group
  • Costa Cálida. Región de Murcia
  • Vacances Ouvertes
  • Inatel
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