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Everyone deserves a break

eCalypso is a platform that acts in tourism market in a social, responsible and ethical way. It offers different services and products, mainly in low and middle seasons with very competitive rates. 

All users engage themselves with eCalypsos ethical chart adopting a responsible and sustainable attitude towards business relations. The Founders members of eCalypso are: International Social Tourism Organization (ISTO); Floreal Group; Vacances Ouvertes; National Tourism Associations Union and Institute of Tourism of Múrcia Region. 

eCalypso is an opened platform one just have to register as a buyer or a seller to join us. All organisms’ may be active members just have to ask to join eCalypso. 

The platform also offers several references on social tourism in Europe, including publications, best practices, news, and background information on the eCalypso initiative. 


The Social Tourism European Exchanges Platform (STEEP) project was launched in April 2012 with the objective of setting-up a B2B web-based platform to facilitate transnational tourism in Europe, linking the supply and the demand for accommodation of four target groups: youth, families facing difficulties, seniors and people with disabilities.

For a period of 15 months, the project benefitted from the co-funding of the European Commission. The STEEP project has been carried out by a consortium of seven European Organisations active in social tourism, led by the international Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO). 

The consortium was made by: Segittur (Spain), Legacoop (Italy), European Network for Accessible Tourism, Union Nationale des Associations de Tourisme (France), Consorzio Siena Hotel Promotion (Italy), Joie & Vacances Asbl (Belgium). In February 2014, the eCalypso asbl, a non-profit organisation, has been created to manage the platform.
  • International Social Tourism Organisation (OITS)
  • UNAT
  • Floreal Group
  • Costa Cálida. Región de Murcia
  • Vacances Ouvertes
  • Inatel
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